Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ninja 600 Motor in a Go Kart

Road America

While I am on the subject of 1985

1985 Ninja 600 Barn Find

I picked up the ZX600A from a friend of a friend. It had about 6,400 miles and had been sitting in a barn for over 20 years. The bike looked pretty good ...from a distance. Known issues: - Lost title - Lost key - Dead battery - No break pressure - Leaking brake fluid everywhere - Frozen rear caliper - Broken left side mirror - Chain O-rings dry rotted & falling of the chain - Full tank of rust! - Tires did hold air!
I fixed all of the above plus I replaced the clutch. This is how it looks today. Doesn't look much different in a photo. Kind of sad, considering all of the work that has been put in it. It does look much better in person.