Saturday, January 18, 2014

Honda XR75 Long Travel - MR175 Fork Installation

I changed the fluid of the MR175 forks using 145cc of automatic transmission fluid.

I changed the steering bearings from the pain in the ass individual balls to a set of roller bearing from The Honda Z50 kit works, the part number is 022-1002 and the price is around $40.00. The site does have a link for fork conversions and they do list the top and bottom bearings required for using MR175 forks on an XR75 but its easier to just buy the Z50 kit.

I installed the forks using an MR175 triple tree. Given the extra lengths of the forks, I was surprised that the height only increased by about 3". Note, the fender mounting holes are in a different location so the fender doesn't line up. I don't want to add holes to the stock fender because I will be using a new "mudder" fender.

Here are before and after photos.
Stock (bent) forks

MR175 forks and MR175 triple tree

Sunday, January 12, 2014

1978 Honda XR75 Long Travel Suspension

I am getting close with the long travel suspension. I have the MR175 forks, MR175 triple tree and XR100 swing arm. As you can see from the photo, the MR175 forks are way longer than stock (the stock are compressed about an inch so the difference isn't quite as bad). I will be installing the triple tree soon using Honda Z50 roller bearings.

The XR100 swing arm adds about an 1 1/4" of height to the rear using stock shocks. I will need longer shocks to even it out. I will determine the length once the new forks are installed.